Selena Gomez will pause in his career to accompany The Weeknd on tour

American singer Selena Gomez whose popularity is now at the peak of glory, is ready to leave his job, so that she did not prevent her to enjoy spending time with The Weeknd. A canadian artist is preparing for an international tour and Selena is going to accompany him, spit on themselves and their work.

Relatives and friends Gomez declare to the media that a roll in the hay with The Weeknd, Selena has changed a lot and for about a month does not go with them.
“She’s closed off from everyone, and unwilling to listen to anyone. Now it’s not working on his music, started his career on the course and is prepared to accompany The Weeknd in his world tour” — told PAL Selena edition RsdsrOnline.
“Nobody could contact her. She won’t answer my calls or text messages. Her mother is worried, but Selene still. She’s only doing what he thinks is right,” said the insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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