Selena Gomez made a surprise for fans, and Justin Timberlake came to the wedding random people

Communication with fans is an integral part of any artist thanks to them, they become famous and popular.

His love for the fans often demonstrates Taylor swift. The singer makes them generous gifts, often communicates with shiptoname”.

Now rival Taylor in dealing with the may fans of Selena Gomez.

The star was a real holiday for his Australian fans when he appeared at her house. All in good time.

22-year-old Sophie Saunders loves Selena, but because when she called the radio station and asked to record his idol fan video, she gladly agreed.

While Sophie talked about his love for the American star, she Gomez drove up to the house girls. When Saunders began to sing one of the songs of Selena, she just walked in the room than just stunned their “biggest fan”.

She could not believe my eyes when I saw Selena.

As it was, you can look at the video:

By the way, Selena Gomez is not the only one who loves surprises. Suddenly, at the wedding absolutely strangers to him came Justin Timberlake.

It happened at the Mount Washington Hotel in new Hampshire, where future newlyweds Chelsea the Year and Ryan parks was photographed in anticipation of the holiday reception.

It turned out that the actor had lunch near the scene of the wedding of the Year and Parkes. The bride’s father noticed Timberlake and asked him for a favor. He agreed, and then approached the newlyweds and congratulated and took pictures with them.

Source: popcornnews.ru, gazeta.ru
Photo: popcornnews.ru, gazeta.ru

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