Selena Gomez has decided to establish relations with ex-lover

Recently, many Western media have hinted at the reunion of former lovers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

First old lovers had a great time at Selena’s house, then had Breakfast together, and now they are called for service in the Church “Zoe Church” in Los Angeles. This was told by one of the fans of Justin, who came to a Sunday service at the Church where I saw you sitting next to Gomez and Bieber. A fan also caught them on video.

However, some media reported that between Selena and Justin just friends. Allegedly, the singer has decided to establish relations with the ex-lover, and not planning to reunite with him. Moreover, the relatives of Selena totally against their relationship. “Justin is a vile man, and never will be adopted by us,” said one member of the family, Gomez.