Selena Gomez for Australian Vogue

For the American singer Selena Gomez life in the spotlight – not the ultimate dream. The celebrity admitted in an interview with Australian Vogue, the new release which will be available in September, to live and especially to love under the camera flashes of the paparazzi do not wish the enemy.

Her affair with canadian singer Justin Bieber, which began and ended under the scrutiny of the public, could and would have lasted longer, if not for the number of curious onlookers.
“Some time my personal life was hardly e the most talked about thing. Nobody knew what’s really going on, but everybody talked about her. You want to do what you love but all other things are clouding your work and people becomes increasingly difficult to take it seriously” — told Selena.
Since the breakup with Justin Gomez not once attributed the relationship with the new knights, however, she claims that all of his feelings and passion gave his Revival tour.
“I thought at first that this is just a temporary phenomenon. And now, for better or for worse – don’t know – I feel that it is my life and that I have to accept it” — said Gomez.
About a future relationship like Selena have doubts. Not everyone has to agree n that kind of public life, but to hang out with her a not mind.
“It’s not my story. I’m old fashioned and prefer serious relationship” — confidently said Gomez.

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