Selena Gomez broke its own record in Instagram

The photo of Selena Gomez promoting well-known soft drink, one time was the most popular in the network Instagram. The singer “liked” more than 6.6 million users. But suddenly, unexpectedly for Selene, the palm took Beyonce, which with the help of photographs announced her pregnancy. This post performer has collected nearly 11 million “likes”, thus becoming the undisputed leader.

But the rivalry continues and now Selena can get back to the title.

This can occur due to its first joint selfie with her boyfriend, whose name is The Weeknd . in less than a week the received 6.9 million “likes” and this amount continues to increase (at the time of this writing, was 7.1 million).

To beyonc√© Selena still falls short, but your own record, the singer have already been able to beat. Interestingly, the first million “hearts” frame was collected in just an hour.

However, to be sad like Selena no reason. Recall that Gomez remains the most popular user in Instagram: the star of 118 million subscribers. At that time, as the number of followers Beyonce recently exceeded 100 million.


Source: elle.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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