Sedokova told how to survive a divorce

And published a photo with heirs

Former member of pop group “via GRA” Anna Sedokova likes to share the experience with our subscribers. 34-year-old singer has been through two divorces in 2006, she parted ways with Belarusian footballer Valentin Belkevich, and in 2013 — with the businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. Today she has three children: 13-year-old Alina, from his first marriage, a 6-year-old Monica from the second, and born in April of this year, son of Hector, the name of the father, which still hides.

“I clearly remember the moment when I divorced, — says the singer. — Seemed to me no more, but only the huge red swollen face. I remember that not even knew how to get out of bed and step in water, not that to live on. I remember the night of her crib one word — MOM. I promised myself to never give up. And I promise now, I won’t give up! Because I’m a MOM!” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka).