Season 7 of “Game of thrones” was watched illegally over a billion times – 24???

The seventh season of “Game of thrones” was illegally viewed over a billion times. It is reported by Radio Times, citing research company Muso.

It was found that more than 84% of illegal hits accounted for the proportion of the streams. Torrent-trackers the audience was used in 9% of cases. 5.6% of users have downloaded the series “Game of thrones” in other ways. The share of 0.6% are private torrents.

The first episode of the seventh season for the first three days after broadcast illegal saw more than 90 million people, and the final series over this period is about 120 million viewers.

A shot from season 7 of “Game of Thrones” | YouTube

Previously, Nielsen announced that the last episode of “Game of thrones” broke the world record for number of hits on TV. The HBO series looked at a 12.1 million people.