Scott Eastwood disappointed father, his dead lover

The son of Hollywood actor, model and a favorite of women Scott Eastwood told the story of his life. A few years ago in a car accident killed his beloved jewel Brangman. Scott didn’t say her name, just said that is still not recovered from the losses and regrets that he never found words to Express their condolences to her father.

Immediately after the interview of Eastwood, journalists made inquiries. It turned out that the girl’s death was caused by the explosion of airbags, the details of which flew with great speed and literally shattered the backbone of the unfortunate. Soon the cars of this series began to respond due to a failure in the security of passengers and driver.
This sad story had a continuation. Father jewel Alexander told reporters, seeking out him that Scott still called him.
“Honestly, I was hurt.” I was very disappointed that Scott didn’t come to the funeral of my daughter. Many people were disappointed. Many friends jewel and Scott came to mourn her, to Express his seal and respect, and he did not sent. I don’t know what was in his head, and therefore can’t judge him. I was mad at him then. Now I forgave him. In the end, he was still small. I think he just did not accept this situation. I don’t know, he was never at the funeral, didn’t know how to do it. We could just help each other, I could help him” — said Alexander.

Source: http://www.fishwrapper.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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