Scott Disick confessed to love

Drama, drama, drama. Husband reality the races Kourtney Kardashian and the father of her three children, Scott Disick admitted, what is the cause of constant family problems. For several years, as the couple disappeared. Courtney, how she could save them, but to rectify the situation failed and soon all realized that there is no need. the father of her children for many months leads a riotous life, drinking alcohol and new companions, while she raises his children.

So, more recently, 33-year-old Disick was spotted in Costa Rica in the company of some Chelsea that around the world, said the seriousness of Scott. The latter stated that he went on a “family vacation”.
“Family vacation? You don’t think it’s disrespectful to me, your children and all my family?” — protested Courtney. The disick was nowhere to deny, and he confessed that he has some psychological problems, manifested in the obsession with sex.

“So let me have sex with you, I won’t do that d..IOM! I’m obsessed with sex! I fucking much im obsessed!” — began to make excuses Scott. As a result, Courtney said that she was tired of the boring relationships Discom in the last ten years, and she closes the door on Scott.
“It’s over between us,” said Courtney.

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