Scientologists are told the congregation that Tom cruise is the Messiah

Leah remini is not afraid of the threats of Scientology and did start to tell the world about all the horrors of stay in the sect, a party to which it was three years ago. The celebrity has repeatedly made strong statements, and wrote a book, and now has launched its own TV program in which will tell about the features of this religious community and to warn people not to fall for their hook.

It is no secret that Tom cruise is a very respectable person in Scientology, but few know that he is their Messiah. At least in this convince the parishioners of the Church.
“For “Church” Tom cruise is the Messiah. Parishioners believe that it changes the world for the better. About it always say the preachers, and the congregation is so brainwashed that he has no doubt in this,” said lia. Parishioners are not allowed to watch movies not approved by the leaders of the sect, it is impossible to use the Internet.
Remini argues that leaving the organization is not so easy, because Scientology is absorbing the whole family, and former parishioners, “the Church betrayed,” with acting you can’t even talk. For example, when the actress wanted to leave the cult, she is threatened that she will lose everything.
“Are you willing to give up everything?” — asked her Church leaders. The statements that she does not believe their dogma, she replied: “I don’t believe, just be here.”
Like Katie Holmes, former spouse of Tom cruise, not resigned to the fact that her husband turns out to be the Messiah, Leah is persona non grata in the cult. Members of the Church of Scientology is strictly forbidden to communicate with her.
Remini hopes that people will realize what a trap they were, and that one day all designers will answer before the court for fraud and duping people.

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