Schwarzenegger will fight with Jackie Chan in the sequel to “Wii” – 24???

Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in the sequel to the film “Viy” along with Hollywood actor Jackie Chan. 1 October the geek festival Comic Con Russia 2017, which presented the film “the Secret of the seal of the dragon: a journey to China”.

The film will not be based on the work of the Russian author Nikolai Gogol, and the Chinese myths. With each new film the word “Wii” will be associated with a mystical deity that scares people exist in real life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan | vokrug.tv

The plot of the film “Viy” will unfold in China, where the hero Jackie Chan going to meet a real dragon. The role of the main antagonist of the film went to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who now takes part in the filming of the sixth part of the franchise “terminator”. At the festival it became known that the characters of Chan and Schwarzenegger will have to fight each other.

Recall that the film “Viy” directed by Oleg Stepchenko was released in January 2014. Adaptation of Gogol’s story received mixed reviews from film critics.