Scarlett Johansson will move to Morocco, to investigate the mysterious death of the beloved

In the near future, the actress Scarlett Johansson happen to try on the role of a Moroccan woman. According to Deadline, the role of Black widow in “the Avengers” was approved for the lead role in the film adaptation of the debut novel by Kristin Mangan Tangerine (“Tangerine”).

The plot is a girl named Alice Sipple. It faces a difficult task: the heroine Scarlett, you must establish a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and roommate from College named Lucy, which may be implicated in the death of guy most Alice.

Communication girls resumed, but Sipple is again at a crossroads of doubt as soon Lucy’s husband dies. Now, Alice has to understand whether her friend is the attitude to death of men. Is it worth it to fear? Note that the film will develop in the 1950-ies, and so a beautiful picture we provided.

Start date of filming is not specified. Who will be the partner of Scarlett in the film so far unknown.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: artidea.org.ua

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