Scarlett Johansson started a war with her ex-husband for her daughter

Divorce Scarlett Johansson may be no less interesting than divorce, “Brangelina”. The decision on parting was given a pair of hard but it’s even more difficult they have to understand the issue of the custody of their common child: Scarlett and Romain are not going to yield to each other and have already started a fierce fight. Previously, we reported that for the full custody over her daughter struggling Doriana. The man even filed the appropriate documents to the court. Now, the same way is Scarlett, who believes that a girl without a mother to grow up can not.

In a recent interview with reporters Romaine admitted that he was very surprised when I learned that Scarlett began to struggle for the child. According to the man, before to announce the breakup, Johansson they discussed all the important issues, including in relation to the child: “”I’m in shock that after five months of difficult negotiations about how we will continue to raise kids together,Johansson has decided to sue”.

The girl is now with her mother is in Los Angeles. But her dad wants to take her to France where she will be provided with a more calm and measured life.

Even though Scarlett is confident of victory in court and has taken the daughter to his native Los Angeles, the lawyer of Doriana builds serious protection.

“The child needs stability, not a floating schedule. Johansson takes her in all their trips — it can be devastating to a small child,” — said the lawyer of Doriana Hal Meyerson. Also Hal said: “Scarlett has already made a wrong move when she left the table of negotiations and sued”.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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