Scarlett Johansson and Roman Doriana broke up after two years of marriage

Scarlett Johansson back on the market enviable brides. The Western media reported the sad news: after two years of marriage, Hollywood actress broke up with her husband and father of her daughter rose Roman Doriana.

Last weekend, Scarlett was spotted at the protest “women’s March” in Washington on the day of the inauguration of the new US President Donald trump, and even then it was not a wedding ring. At first this did not pay attention, because Johansson before went out without him, but now it becomes clear that at that time they with the Novel were no longer together.
Insiders reported that the couple broke up last summer, but despite this they were constantly seen together in Paris. No one even thought did not arise that they are not together. Moreover, in October Scarlett and Roman opened his own shop Yummy Pop.
Recall that married the actress and journalist in 2014, immediately after the birth of her daughter rose Dougherty. First they were torn between new York, where she lived, Scarlett, and Paris, where he worked as a novel. In the end, the actress took a radical decision to move to Europe. Would she be willing now to return to the US – time will tell.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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