Sati Kazanova married – 24???

35-year-old singer Sati Kazanova married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. The artist arranged the wedding in traditional style in the Caucasus, writes “StarHit”.

Sati Casanova told followers on Instagram that it does not intend to advertise my wedding. For this reason, Casanova decided to play a secret wedding.

At the solemn part of Casanova appeared in a white wedding dress with gold embroidery at the hem. The actress added the image of the national headdress.

Sati Kazanova | Photos from social networks

In turn, Tiozzo chose traditional Kabardinian suit. Earlier, Casanova noted that her husband respects the national traditions of the singer: he is ready to observe them both during the wedding ceremony and in everyday life.

Earlier, Sati Casanova commented on the rumors about the “secret wedding” which allegedly took place on 4 October.