Sati Casanova refused the lavish wedding in the Caucasus

The singer decided to get married at home of groom

In early August, the paparazzi captured the ex-soloist of group “Factory” Sati Casanova in the Registrar’s office together with the stranger, whose name it is declassified in a few days. Elect 34-year-old singer became the Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. In early September, the pair first came together in the light, after attending an event in honor of the premiere of the new season of “Comedy Club”.

Now the bride and groom preparing for the wedding. At first the artist planned to organize it at home in Kabardino-Balkaria, told Sati in a recent broadcast of “Table of Orders” channel RU.TV. The guest list turned out impressive — 300 people had to be invited to a Grand celebration on this occasion. But at some point the star decided that it is better to spend a modest celebration in Italy, because according to the traditions of most peoples of the world the wedding ceremony on the territory of the bridegroom. According to Casanova, the second option is supposed to be more comfortable, safer and sleeker.