Sati Casanova first showed to the public his choice

Sati Casanova has long concealed the details of his personal life. And very soon the girl will become the wife of the Italian photographer, with whom he recently appeared in public.

Sati Casanova first showed to the public his beloved Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. It happened at a party in honor of the start of the new season of the show Comedy Club.

The photos appeared in the personal Instagram account of the singer. She says that humor, combined and Tiozzo, who is her future husband. In August, Casanova said she plans to get married soon. Now she says she doesn’t want any more gossip that coupled with the fact that she did not publicize their personal life for several years.

In an interview, Casanova said as Tiozzo proposed to her. It happened quite recently. She says one day he said that they need to move to Russia, the girl was able to learn Italian and get used to the new status. She was surprised and did not understand what status. Tiozzo said, “what are you gonna be my wife” and then remembered he did not offer and immediately corrected the situation.