Sati Casanova came to the registry office in a wedding dress and sneakers

Sati Casanova has managed to share with fans their wedding photos, which were made in the homeland of the singer. And here are the pictures from the Moscow registry office Sati is not shown. Only today it became known that directly to the registry office the couple arrived much earlier, and the outfits have been quite modest.

About Sati said in Instagram: “Oh Yes, we also started an epic wedding back in early September, with registration in Moscow registry office number 4. @stefanotiozzo. It was the easy and fun wedding! At 9 a.m., sneakers, surrounded by nearest and dearest friends and family. Thank you for that morning was with us, family!!!”.

Sati reinforced post a few photos where you can see that on this day she was in a beautiful white dress and sneakers. Well, after the Registrar of Sati and Stefano Tiozzo went with friends to the restaurant “Moscow-Delhi”, where he published a fun photo shoot.