Sasha Zadoinov talked about his personal life

Took a lot to understand what I prefer and the condition of the dropouts, it seems to be doing everything, but to highlight the main direction can not yet. Personal life is finally normal. My girlfriend Olga we know each other for five years, and to closely interact only started this September. I am very comfortable and pleasant to be around with Olga, and it’s mutual.
My eldest daughter lives with her mom, but comes to me for the weekend, she’s a hyperactive girl who loves dancing and dreams in the future myself to do. With Elina longer communicate, and the younger daughter I have not seen since September, recently she had a birthday, I called and got “kicked” from Elina, because long time no see daughter. Elina now does not even want to inform me about their whereabouts, don’t even know where is daughter – in Tyumen, in Moscow or in Sochi