Sasha Kharitonova told how to “cure” jealousy


Many people ask me: I’m insanely jealous of your guy. What to do? Did you know that the feeling is equivalent to a disease? One becomes the other, it modifies all the processes in the body. This illness, like any other, has very definite symptoms. It poisons the body completely, taking away all the internal forces. You lose the ability to be happy and to enjoy life.

But don’t despair, there are prescription treatment and I’ll share the little “pills” for a full recovery. If you’ve noticed that I became suspicious, always want to find out where your other half and every time during his absence in mind there are creepy paintings where the man is given the passion with the other baby, but this sore is caught up with you. But, do not despair!

To establish your emotional background and stop constantly paranoid to think about it, you should do the following. 1. To talk to him. Just not to scream, not to find out, no “raids”, quietly (you learn to control yourself, how would not like to shout). Tell him everything that is bothering. All of your feelings and thoughts. This is one of the important points, talk over your fears. 2. Very often, jealousy is caused because of quiet passion between partners, and because of this she begins to think that a loved one receives the proximity somewhere on the side. The diversity in EC*Salinas life, the only way you re-ignite the fire in your bedroom. 3. Learn to trust your husband. Trust – the key to a strong and healthy relationship. 4. Give him personal space. Do not come when he wants to be alone, don’t call every hour and don’t ask where he is. Let your man rest on you. Make sure that he terminated the phone and asked where you were. 5. Sure, you hear be sure to keep their own interests, create a small world, whether it’s work or Hobbies, or any activity, in General, any thing that will distract you from negative thoughts and from your partner as a whole. 6. The main rule: Love the man in him and not myself in a man. Love your life, your Hobbies. And to dissolve completely in the young man can not be, otherwise will lead to the consequences described above. Remember the simple things when you feel sick: Calmness, Tolerance, Trust, and Female cunning. All wonderful mood and good health.
[Author: Sasha Kharitonova]