Sasha Gobozov returned to the project with the intention

The perimeter I have everything perfectly: there is a house, a car, a profitable business, parents close by, even not so long ago, did you get a dog. The only thing missing – wife. I really liked Kate as a girl. In real life, if you like the girl you can meet on neutral territory: walk to cafes, restaurants, cinema and gradually to know each other. In the case of kata is physically impossible. That is, to be with her, and I either have to return to the “House 2”, or persuade her to leave the project and to invite to live with her, because she is from another city. It certainly sounds silly, because we are familiar recently. I came specifically to this girl, nothing prevents me to remain on the project: Robert and I could see you every day, he lives very close, and business is not a problem to do remotely. Lack of finances I have, and for the project I came for my wife.