Sasha Black promises to improve relations with Joseph and to deal with them

Needless to say that after Sasha Black and Joseph Hovhannisyan announced the launch of his novel, the number of people skeptical threats to the news, has exceeded all conceivable limits. However, the guys have a few months to prove to his skeptics to the contrary, despite the constant quarrels and clarify the relationship, says the site life-dom2.su.

“A lot of questions on the topic of the future. Guys, I’m not dragging Yosyu to the Registrar, was not going to do that, the man himself has to come to this. Just at some point, I realized that I’m not sure about Joseph. In my head there were thoughts “and suddenly, everything that they say about him is true” (I think that I understand every girl who ever in your life loved. And decided to find out if he sees me do in my future. To which he replied “no” … In that moment, my inner world collapsed and I started pulling away from him. Cried much (out cameras at night in the pillow) understand that the relationship is doomed,” – said Alexander.
So, Sasha told me that there was a time when she was not sure about Joseph. But now the girl is confident that all will work out over time. Alexander stated that knows exactly what relationship with Joseph is back to normal, and he she’s thinking for themselves.

“Now I guess I understand that jumping to conclusions, because men are much later to come to this. (We’ve only been together 4 months) and just having a great time, enjoy life. Over time, he in any case will be more serious, and he will be more important than other values, yet let it frolic. Now we find the harmony, and you will, I promise” – said Alexander Black.