Sasha Black has summed up the results of last year

So, to summarize 2017. Of course, the biggest achievement for me is my coming to the “House 2”. This year for me was very productive, I became a public person and my life never will be, now I’ll always live for show. “House 2” is a very big school of life. Then I found love, then lost it. Learned lessons. Understand that need to love yourself more than the person beside you. To give all of myself itself! The same happened prioritization: most important for me is my family! Very little time, I paid them this year. Corrected. Expensive them there is no one in the world. So in the new year I want to change myself completely and get rid of my laziness! Me tremendous potential but my laziness precedes me. I’m sure that I will achieve great heights and I will have a great future! Hug your loved ones, if possible. Happy new year, my friends