Sasha Black-and worried about what her people are saying

Once I once lived by the principle “nothing Anyone can prove, to live only for themselves and live the way you want. Because no matter what people about you will still be talking shit”. And live once you know, it was easier. Now I why-that very much was starting to bother that about me people will say. Here is an example of our Josey relations: we conducted this huge work on your relationship, global quarrels we have. We smooth the conflicts, sharp corners, go to a more serious step, learned to negotiate and listen to each other. But still we do not believe and say that our relations have not changed. Not nice to not see and not appreciate. Of course, we do it for ourselves. TK still, we do not have a lifetime will participants telestroke. But you see everything from the outside. And saying that we don’t change, a question arises: in the right General direction I’m going? Do I need all this? Why are we still perceive a freak? And do I need to do something to prove something to someone?
Sorry for lot of letters, just thinking out loud. The sadness caught.