Sasha Black-and talked about the relationship with Michael Virsim

It turned out that he had the same story as me. It also left a girl for no reason, it’s the same zodiac sign as me. In addition, we have almost the same age. We are very well together, We’ve never met people who are so fit us in nature. I can say with confidence that he is my closest person on the project, even though we know each other for a week.

We talk heart to heart, we are so interested in each other to listen and hear. Hug, he makes me coffee, brings Breakfast. Something direct nothing serious, but hugs and kisses are.

It’s totally different, the complete opposite. Joseph I never understood. Mike understands me in everything. He supports me. When Joseph saw me weeping, he did not even come. Misha goes over and tries to help me understand what bothers me. Mike was able to get me to go to the gym, start to follow the diet… It makes me feel better. Of course, it is for me the tablet of Joseph. And this pill that helps.