Sasha Artemov hinted at the identity of the presenter of his wedding

And yet not to tempt fate, the guys were quick to find a room for celebrations, as well as to expedite the matter of filing application to the Registrar. At the same time, the guys have already made up and spizike guests, among whom were Anton Guest and Vika romanet, Victoria Bernikov and Andrei Cherkasov. Hinted to Sasha on the personality of the leader, who would lead them to triumph, writes life-dom2.su.

Previously she reported that is not going to do the master of ceremonies of any of the participants “House 2”. However, after her words, what will be the leading man that everyone loves, and at the same time I hate it a thought. Subscribers girls are sure that the future bride and groom invited Rustam Kalganova become a master, because only he fits such a description. It is worth noting that viewers of telestroke is happy, because according to the agreement with House 2, the wedding Cousin and Artemov will be aired, this means that everyone will have the opportunity to watch Rousey.

“How quickly they moved, when the question about getting a “million” became an edge, money talks, though, this does not negate my sympathy for this couple” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.