Sarah Michelle Gellard was supported by Shannen Doherty

A friend is known in trouble. Hollywood actress Sarah Michelle Gellard was supported fighting breast cancer Shannen Doherty. Yesterday on the page of Sarah in social networks appeared a photo of her “brave friend” Sennen, which she named #Mouseuphandler.

“I have always said that Sennen is one of the most trustworthy friends I’ve ever had, and now she faced the most difficult journey of your life. She shared it with friends, whom she never met and willing to help others who were in the same situation. This is a real friend” wrote 39-year-old Gellar.
Recall that the star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” Shannen Doherty has decided to speak publicly about what is happening with her body. She recently published a video in which gets rid of hair that began to fall during the course of chemotherapy.
In a recent interview with screen star admitted that pessimism is often visited by her head, and that people close to help her cope with them.

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