Sarah Gadon got the role of a ruthless killer

Sarah Gadon got the role of a ruthless killer

Star mini-series “11.22.63” canadian actress Sarah Gadon has landed the role in a six-hour adaptation of the novel of Margaret Atwood “grace” (“Alias Grace”) is a joint production of Netflix and the canadian public television network CBC. Gadon will play grace marks, a notorious killer of the mid-nineteenth century. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In the novel Avtud, inspired by the memories of Marx, tells of arrivals from Ireland to Canada, a young emigrant domestic workers, which in 1843 together with the stable boy James McDermott were accused of the brutal murder of their employer Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper Nancy Montgomery. McDermott was executed by hanging, and Marx sentenced to life in prison. Her conviction was controversial and caused a lot of debate about whether it was the real party to the murder or just an unwitting accomplice. In the end, after 30 years, Marx has been rehabilitated.

In the Netflix adaptation as in the novel, Atwood will be presented a fictional young doctor named Simon Jordan, who is investigating the case and falls in love with Marx. He soon becomes obsessed with her and trying to reconcile their perception of a meek woman he sees before him, with the image of a cold-blooded killer, convicted of a double murder.

As an Executive producer and screenwriter will take on Sarah Polley and Director Mary Herron. The production of mini-series will begin in Ontario in August of this year.


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