Samoilova banned entry to Ukraine

The security service of Ukraine has prepared a document under which the participant of the international musical contest Eurovision from Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova will be denied entry into the country. About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine”, referring to the head of Department Vasily Gritsak.

“At this point, the decision to ban entry has not been made final, but the corresponding document is already prepared,” — said the head of the SBU.
Now the secret service of Ukraine checks information about the performance Samoilovoi in the annexed Crimea in June 2015, and this fact became the reason of prohibition of entry of the singer on the territory of a neighboring country.
That Russia will be represented by Julia with the song “the Flame Is Burning”, became known on March 12, however, it is unlikely that a girl with talent, a wheelchair-bound (she is diagnosed with spinal amyotrophy of werdnig-Hoffmann), will be in Kiev this year. The organizing Committee has already stated that it will accept and will understand any decision of the host country, and in Russia already preparing to boycott the contest if Samoilova still denied entry and, consequently, participation.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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