Samhain October 31, 2017

Samhain, the most mystical and mysterious holiday of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Knowing the characteristics of this day respecting its traditions, everyone will be able to attract into your life what you want, and get rid of the problems.

Samhain, or Halloween, is celebrated annually on the night of 31 October to 1 November. In Celtic culture this holiday is directly connected with the memory and veneration of the dead. People turned to their ancestors, who had gone over the line of death, asking them for help and protection from evil spirits.

It is believed that on the night of Samhain, the boundary between the living world and the world of the dead becomes so thin and shaky that the spirits get to come into our world and visit their relatives, friends and loved ones. However, together with those whom the living remember and honor in this world can come and lost souls who have no one to remember the kind words. According to legend, such a meeting for any living person does not end anything good, so on the night of Samhain, it is best to be at home, in the circle of loved ones.

Modern practices and esoterics believe Samhain is the best time for divination about your future. Many spirits willing to contact and help to make the most accurate classifications on the cards, so the card layouts for a Tarot deck this holiday very popular.

A tradition of Samhain is a live fire that warms and illuminates any home. The Celts have lit a sacred fire on top of the highest hill, after which each took a particle of fire in your home and lit the hearth. Nowadays are a good alternative to natural wax candles set on window sill: it is believed that the flame helps to protect the house from the dead souls and to save each dear person from harm.

Mystic and dark Samhain eventually underwent changes and eventually turned into Halloween is a fun holiday that allows for one night to become what I wish. In contrast, Samhain is considered a time of silence and memory: the people lay the table for dinner, putting the devices for those who are no longer around, remember deceased ancestors and lit in their memory the black candle.

According to psychics, on the night of 31 October to 1 November you can get rid of everything that hinders you to live happily and peacefully: painful memories, devotees hope and unnecessary attachments. It is necessary to remain in solitude and silence, to take a big black candle and write on it with a needle all that torments you. After all the problems will be written, you need to set the candle and light with the words: “All the evil and ill — flame, clean and bright, all my heart.” The candle should be allowed to burn out to the end, to extinguish it it is impossible in any case.

Despite the grim meaning of the holiday, Samhain is the time when each of us are given the opportunity to look inside yourself and understand what is truly important, and what it’s time to say goodbye. To understand yourself and your life will help you effective audiomedical.