Saltykov scolded for “adult” kiss with daughter

Fans of Irina suspected the singer in the change of orientation. It happened after the publication of the photos where she is passionately kissing a girl on the lips.

Review for publication, did not explain that the girl depicted in the photo, and provoked even more questions.

“My love has arrived!” – signed photo of Irina.

While some wondered with whom Saltykov so juicy kisses, her most attentive fans spotted the dark-haired stranger, the daughter of the performer.

“Beauty!”, “Mother and daughter”, “I too so the whole,” – commented on the followers of the stars.

But, there were those subscribers, which is a manifestation of maternal feelings seemed excessive.

“What is this?” “I thought it was a girl Irina,” Irina, excuse me, but this is too much,” said they.

We will remind, in may, Saltykova turned 50. For her age, the star looks amazing and is not shy to show it to others.

Not so long ago Irina showed a stunning figure, published in the microblog photo with guests. “Here is a figure!”, “Classy lady”, “you Look great”, “cool!” – admired subscribers.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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