Sadalsky ridiculed Baskov and Lopyreva

The words of the actor can shock

Stanislav Sadalsky spoke rudely about the cancellation of the wedding, Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva. He recalled his post in LJ that made in July, suspecting that the statement about the wedding couple, just a PR.

“Didlo finishing touch to an amazing painting”, signed Sadalsky photo Baskov, lopyrevoy, and their alleged witnesses at marriage — Valerie and Joseph Prigogine. — “Diddley received all who came to the Studio malachowsky RTR false-the bride and groom. Although they, as in the Russian proverb, ‘Ssy in the eye, all God’s dew” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka).

The actor worries that his act failed “newlyweds” brought Ramzan Kadyrov, who was going to marry us on his birthday.

Followers of Stanislav Sadalsky actively supported his statement, again speaking about sexual orientation Baskov.