Sadalsky has told how Kandelaki cheated on ex-husband

Russian actor Stanislav Sadalsky has told an amusing incident that happened with him and Tina Kandelaki many years ago. The actor told the story of how former husband of TV star Andrey Kondrakhin cheated.


Sadalsky in his blog in “Live journal” wrote that Kondrakhin frankly fooled his future wife. The controversial artist said that once he happened to visit the house Kondrahin, when he met him. It is noteworthy that Kandelaki and even then only came to know his beloved. As he had in the house, hospitable host invited them to watch the family photos of his ancestors and even former conquests. Surprisingly, White didn’t suspect a thing. She is passionate about peering into the faces of grandmothers and grandfathers loved one, and showed interest in the photos of former lovers.

However Sadalsky immediately recognized the trick. In the old photos he found out the world-famous couple Jacqueline and John Kennedy. As claimed Kondrakhin, the photographs were his grandparents. Moreover, among the pictures with the girls were the images of a young Madonna.

Sadalsky in his blog made the ironic conclusion that, obviously, in his youth, Andrei Kondrakhin was a huge success with girls, once he managed to get the Madonna. At the same time, judging by the fact that his ancestors were the Kennedys, toga clear who actually taught the Americans to play baseball.

By the way, Kandelaki and Kondrakhin were married in 1998 and divorced in 2010. They raise two children together – 17-year-old daughter Melanie and 15-year-old son Leontius.