Sabitova Guzeeva caught in constant lies

It’s hard to believe, but the program, which unite lonely hearts – “let’s get married,” says his 8-year stay in the air.

During this time changed only the scenery of the Studio where the shooting and the main backbone on which the show actually lasts, remains the same. We are talking about the top three – Vasilisa Volodya, rose Sabitova and Larissa Guzeeva.

Most loyal audience recognized that the program would not be so popular if not for the humor that brings Guzeeva in the show. The actress is often shares interesting and funny stories that evoke laughter from the whole crew, guests and spectators.

But, as admitted co-host Guzeeva, Sabitova, not always the stories told Larissa the truth.

First years rose in all guzeyeva told, believed. “Once she’s on the air saying, “now go home, children oven pancakes will be.” I sit there and think, “I what a bad mother I have a son with my daughter at all on dry rations”. Returned after the recording of the program in the morning until four in the morning the soup was cooked. The next day, angry, sleepy, in the dressing room talking to Larissa: “Stop lying! It’s just impossible after the shooting, still at the stove to stand on.” She laughed: “what are you, rose, I did for you telling me all this? I don’t have time”. And then I realized that other stories from the same Opera. Even teasing her was: “I have something in lovers your confused, on the 25th I have lost count”.


Source: dni.ru
Photo: Fishki.net

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