Ryan Gosling was named the most sexiest man of the year

Ryan Gosling was named the most sexiest man of the year

The actor has headed a rating of the sexiest men of the year by the French edition of Paris Match.

Following the example of the American edition of People magazine Paris Match made a list of the sexiest men of the year. As Paris Match belongs to the European media, most of the candidates for the title of the most sexual representatives of European countries.

First place in the rating of the editors of the French edition gave a 35 – year-old actor Ryan Gosling, who recently gave birth to a second daughter. By the way, soon fans of the actor will appreciate the new work of the idol in the film “Goodfellas,” in which Gosling played a major role.

On the second line of the rating was a 37-year-old Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal. The actor made his brilliant debut in the film industry in 2000.

Third place was taken by Gaspard ulliel, the – 31-year-old actor. The Frenchman played in the movie “the Dancer” and “It’s only the end of the world” which are represented in Cannes. In addition, the actor became the face of Chanel fragrance, and in 2005 was named the most promising actor.

Fourth place – the Irishman Jamie Dornan, who played in “Fifty shades of grey”.

Fifth place was taken by 31-year-old French swimmer Camille Lacour. In addition to his sports career he has been successful as a model.

Sixth place – Spanish male model Jon Kortajarena. In 2009 she played a starring role in Tom Ford’s “a single man”.

Seventh place went to 37-year-old Maroon 5 soloist Adam Levine, which soon will be the first time father. Note that his name appears quite often in the list of “most…”.

43-year-old actor Idris Elba took eighth place. The Briton is in the list of the main contenders for the role of James bond.

Ninth place went to 46-year-old French reporter and presenter lorent delay.

Closes a rating of Hugh Jackman. 47-year-old actor often appears in such lists, respectively, the presence of his name in this ranking is to be expected.


Source and photo: woman.ua