Rustam Solntsev took a swing at the star family

Blogger named Nikita Presnyakov “freeloaders”

The star of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev became a well-known blogger, his opinions are listened to by many. And here, in another post, he “ran” a grandson of Alla Pugacheva, Vladimir Presnyakov, respectively son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. — Nikita.

The essence of the claim is that in his 26 years, Nikita though, and has positioned itself as a rock star, but the fact is nothing. He couldn’t even pay for his own wedding, which he did mother and advertising agencies. On this basis, Rustam called him a “Freeloader”.

“He’s here for a wedding recently played. Not quite honest,” writes the blogger. — “They say that walking on someone else, and then for those people who have helped him, he snapped”.

He called Nikita Presnyakov famous grandson and a successful son, but did not consider it worth a young man.