Rustam Solntsev confessed to the theft on “the House-2”

Our editor Lena Lenina was found with one of the former residents of the reality show and found out his real respect for telestroke

It turned out that the best leading “House-2” Rustam Solntsev believes Ksenia Sobchak, but it could not fail to recognize that “Ksenia Sobchak arrogant. She’s a stuck-up, snobbish and arrogant woman”. But explained that she was jealous of the other: “Sobchak envy beautiful and with brains girl for what she is, with modest external data — these eyes, three volosiki and her crooked legs, o Lord, the famously one — eyed man has everything, what they dream of themselves.”

Not spared criticism of Rustam, and other leading — Ksenia Borodina: “Selfish, fixed on itself very much. And it’s not narcissism, it allows a cheap puhovichki 3,000 rubles, Narcissus himself would not allow it.” He also explained the phenomenon of the massive criticism which falls on the third lead of the popular TV show, the former by her party, Olga Buzova: “Her enthusiasm is seen by many as fake enthusiasm, not read for the truth. People think this isn’t true, and that it is not such in fact”. And added that Buzova very jealous: “Olga envy her status, she’s “Titanic” on the contrary: here drown her aggressive, and she know is doing its job”. And admitted that his girlfriend Olya “very upset by the fact that it is considered stupid and uneducated”.

Was, according to Rustam, the program and powerful sex symbols: the most beautiful woman he believes Alain Vodonaevu, and among men — Stepan Menschikova. At the same time Rustam confirmed all the rumors about the intimate connection between the latter and the Victoria Bonneuil, despite the fact that she won a lawsuit against one of the yellow edition, proving that Stepan she had nothing, despite the large number of photo and video evidence to the contrary: “three — rocks! He fell in love with Boni, Vodonaevu whom he loved! Bonia argued that a photo of their oral love fake. But I’m not sure.”

The biggest scandal of the “House-2” Rustam said his deception of the lie detector about the theft on the set. “I hung all of the loss in the “House-2”, which was there for 3 years, and said, “Sit down on the detector”. And most interestingly, the detector showed the highest level of my excitement, and they, these two detectorsare, two old fuck, concluded, Len, I these things did not take. And in fact (Laughs), there was something hidden there in the closet on the “House-2″. It was not a vulgar theft, just my person there were many instances and fights, and I from harm hid his one thing that he was very much needed. It was his old, battered laptop. I just moved from one place to another and covered, lest he found.”

On the question of which love story was the program the most sincere, Solntsev named two: “Steve loved Vodonaevu. Vodonaeva and loved May.”

Rustam said that some participants “House-2” in recent years, famously conclude advertising contracts. Yes, and he is now waiting for a big signing the advertising agreement, but until you tell me not to jinx it.