Rustam Solntsev “accused” Nikolai Baskov in gay – 24???

The star of the TV show “House-2” Rustam Solntsev in conversation with the journalist of “Express-Gazeta” Mikhail Filimonov “accused” Nikolai Baskov in sexual orientation. In an interview with journalist Solntsev allegedly called Alex Malinovsky lover Baskov.

However, in an interview with the online edition “Days” Rustam Solntsev admitted that he “never gave such an interview” Filimonov. According to Solntseva, he talked to Michael in the framework of a friendly conversation: “discussing old gossip, laughed.”

Nikolay Baskov and Alex Malinowski

Anderson was struck by the fact that Filimonov in his name accused the singer in sexual orientation. In the end Rustam said that he does not care about the orientation of 41-year-old Russian artist.

Rustam Solntsev called the wife of the infamous star of the show “Let them talk” Diana Shurygina “sheep”. In that form he also criticized fans of 18-year-old girl. In turn, Shurygina in an insulting manner spoke about Solntsevo district in “Vkontakte”.