Rustam Kalganov posted photos of his new apartment in the center of Moscow

In the meantime, plans Rustam has not yet been realized, the man is taking a pretty good apartment in the heart of the capital. The apartment, whose area is about 85 square meters, the man lives alone and it is only his beloved pet dog Wanda, and the monthly such pleasure costs Rustam Kalganova in the amount of about 100 thousand rubles, reports the website life-dom2.su.

A lover of minimalism, in his house, Rustam refused the new-fangled decorations and extra furniture. For comfortable existence of the man, judging by the photos, enough beds, sofas and appliances. In addition, the apartment Kalganov built a large dressing room and on the windowsill keeps shoes, considering himself a true collector.

“So he takes? At his age it is time to get your own apartment” “And I thought he long ago acquired their own housing” – was written by the fans of “House 2”.