Rustam Kalganov intervened Maxim Galkin and Alexey Panin

And if many did a fun comparison of the comedian, Alexei, unlike most, was not delighted with what they saw and heard. In response, the angry actor called Maxim representative unconventional sex**heating orientation. The situation decided to comment on the former participant “Houses 2” – Rustam Kalganov. According to him, in the domestic show business features a certain amount of lovers gay love, but this is not said out loud, the website life-dom2.su.

Partly why Rustam condemned the act Panin. Eks-the participant “Houses 2” is emphasized, such an attack on the part of Alexei real discrimination, which is clearly unacceptable and, at least, a step back in career.

“Wonderful Panin has identified Galkina in g*and while Max let live with the old, but with a woman. Is sleeping with whom Alexey scary voice. This will be able to understand only the arbitrator rusya” – wrote the youth fans of the TV show.