Rustam Kalganov criticized relative Alla Pugacheva

So, recently, many people congratulated Presnyakov Jr. and the family Pugacheva wedding. However, instead of words of congratulations were heard and criticism of Nikita, especially after it became available to value the amount spent on the wedding, the website life-dom2.su.

Could not resist the negative reviews and the former star of “House 2” Rustam Kalganov. In the opinion of men, Nikita regular riders, accustomed to live on all ready and nothing to care, and his pompous wedding is the best proof. Rustam also said that he is 26 and already had a family and was hoping for someone’s help.

“Dirty PR is also PR, and Rustam is the norm, because he only knows how to provoke and collect dirt so it is not forgotten,” – commented on the audience the act of Rustam Kalganova.