Russo’s wife accused the singer of tyranny

About the impending divorce Morel, Feldman learned from television

Host of the show “live” Andrey Malakhov went to new York to personally speak with Morelos, Ferdman about her relationship with Russo. The woman was surprised by the admission that of the impending divorce and discord in his own family she learned just by watching the show with the participation of the spouse.

“I’m confused, I don’t know how to live and what to do. I don’t eat I don’t sleep, I lost weight,” said Morel. — “You should have called me and said that we’re not together anymore”.

As the wife says Russo, she always tried to keep peace in the family, was a faithful and good wife. Abraham, on the contrary, constantly insulted and humiliated her, even in the presence of children.

“He’s a tyrant, always right, and I must obey him. If I have an opinion, it’s wrong,” the woman complained.