Russian stars mourn deceased friend and mentor

On 78 year of life in Israel died Oleg Nepomnyashchii, the man who played the iconic role in the career of many modern masters of the Russian stage. So, at the time, Oleg was Director of programmes at the concert of Vladimir Presnyakov and Sofia Rotaru and Alla Pugacheva , he worked as an administrator.

These days, the entire musical elite of Russia mourns the Forgetful and remembers his influence on his musical career and life. Philip on his page in the social network published a photo, which he captured with his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva and man, acquainted them – Oleg Nepomniachtchi.

“Today was my first Director, OLEG NAUMOVICH FORGETFUL. Sometime in the distant 1983, he, the administrator of Alla Pugacheva, held me, an 8th grade student, at the concert “Come and speak”. It was that fateful evening in GTSKZ “Russia” and has become a landmark for the whole of life and convinced me of the correctness of choice of profession and the main goal! This master class from Alla Pugacheva, I received 33 years ago and became an example of how to be a real artist. It is unknown what it would have been in my life, if Oleg Naumovich did not regret then the poor student and gave the invaluable voucher. A few years later, by fate and chance, it was he who introduced me to the world of show business, and under the crown also led the he… May you rest in peace, dear Oleg… ???? ” wrote Philip.
Forgetful one of the few attended the starry wedding Pugacheva and Kirkorov in 1994, held in Saint-Petersburg.
Being familiar with many celebrities, forgetful issued a book of memoirs “there will come tomorrow,” in which he told a large number of secrets of the stars. For example, on how ran to buy in the Department store calico gown for Sofia Rotaru for 12 rubles, or about how they hid from her husband the singer’s ring, bought on tour for 437 rubles.
Piippa Kirkorov forgetful loved fatherly love, but the new husband of the prima Donna he didn’t like. In the book he wrote about Maxim Galkin: “I didn’t do anything wrong, but I do not accept his work and not love. Well, maybe it’s too much on TV – we need a little less.”

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://ru.hellomagazine.com

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