“Russian Kardashian” won fans with a new photo in bikini

Candid photos of magnificent forms Anastasiya Kvitko always attract a lot of attention of fans. More than a million followers appreciated the new the girls on the beach in Malaysia.

Superpotential Anastasiya Kvitko, which is known as the “Russian Kardashian” blew up a Network of new spicy images. A few hours photo estimated 1 million 200 thousand fans.

Popular girl with a curvaceous and unique similarity of the figure with Kim Kardashian Anastasiya Kvitko does not leave in peace in their fans. She regularly publishes on her page very explicit pictures, which shows the beauty of your body. Fans Kvitko appreciate each new exposure.

This time on the social Network page belonging to the “Russian Kardashian”, there were shots in which she is shown in a thin bathing suit on the beach in Malaysia. The girl openly shows his firm butt and lush Breasts in a tiny bra that barely withstand such a load.

Anastasiya Kvitko is quite a popular personality in glossy magazines of an erotic nature. The number of subscribers in social networks has long exceeded the figure of 6 million. The girl is a native of Kaliningrad and has a common origin. Just nature gave her the charm and beauty of the body that Anastasia is not going to hide.