Russian DoppelgangeR Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in ads for vodka

Di Cairo to advertise the vodka that you could imagine? Recently, it came true. Just do not rush to grab the heart before the time. Advertising of liquor is not starred Hollywood actor personally, and his Russian substitute Roman Burtsev.

The novel appeared in advertising of vodka “Five lakes”. In the video a young man goes to a fake BMW says the fake “iPhone”, his girl paints the soles of conventional shoes louboutins, and the main character wears a t-shirt and suit Breoni Abibas. When the field of view of the hero Burtseva there is a bottle of vodka “Five lakes”, the VoiceOver says: “As well, there are things that are impossible to forge”.

We will remind, 33-year-old double Oscar-winning star revealed in January of this year. The glory was for Burtsev surprise, it seems, the man still can’t get used to it.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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