Ruslana Pysanka about marriage: “I got married, I’m cool”

Ruslana Pysanka about marriage: “I got married, I’m cool”

Actress Ruslana Pysanka got married back in 2012, but only now in the program “high life”, told how walked the wedding.

“I got married, I’m cool. In the unfinished house we made tables, benches. I made a few salads, some drinks, came our friends, and as happens at any wedding friends came friends. I invited everyone for Breakfast and people sat from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., “says the actress,” doesn’t like it when a man has achieved, and then went to the sofa and said, “now get out”. I think the man needs each day to achieve it.”

The actress herself does not like to travel by train.

“Sometimes, when we throw in 3 nights on the station Teresinka and you sit and wait for the train, scared that it may be a man near me and they want something,” says the star.

Previously, Ruslana Pysanka has been a lot of projects in Russia, but she refused to appear in this country.

“Called mostly from television are invited on the shows, I knew it was provocative moments. I say: “People, I worked for 5 years on your TV, you know who is calling me and why. Don’t want to be in this situation, when will come a Zhirinovsky and start me wet. Not that I’m afraid I just don’t want to get dirty,” says the star.


Source and photo: gazeta.ua