Rusfond will spend collected for Friske money to help children with cancer

As has been said by the lion, Ambinder, holding the office of President “Rusfond”, collected on treatment of the late Russian singer Janna Friske funds will be used for the treatment of children with cancer. On the eve of the Moscow city court rejected the appeal of the parents of the singer on the cancellation of penalties with them 21 million rubles.


On August 10 the building of the Moscow city court considered the appeal of the parents of Jeanne Friske, who tried to challenge the decision on the payment to the “Rusfond” 21 million rubles. The Metropolitan court left the verdict in force.

Recall that one of the most well-known domestic charitable organizations provided to the family of Jeanne Friske 25 million rubles for the treatment of arcobaleni singer. After her death, June 15, 2015, Olga and Vladimir Friske has provided the “Rusfond” documentary evidence of the use of 4 million rubles. According to the parents of the deceased singer, the entire amount was spent on the treatment of Jeanne, but to confirm their statements with documents they couldn’t.

Leo Ambinder, commenting on the decision of Moscow city court, said that funding for treatment Friske money will go to parents of children with cancer.