Rumor has it that the results of the contest “Love of the year” was known in advance

Information about what blacksmiths knew about victory even before the announcement of the results, Efremenkova and Kucherov said in an interview with “House 2”. According to the boys, long before the publication of the results Nikita began to make plans for a new apartment, and his inevitable victory in the competition was a bonus for long years of participation in the reality show, the website life-dom2.su.

Now that there are only formalities, Kuznetsov does not hide his plans for the winning of the housing. For example, Nikita is not going to live in an apartment and already ready to sell it. However, it is unclear to buy a bigger living space or to split the money with Darina.

“Victory Kuznetsov earned Derinkoy. And it is clever! And of course, not to give away the people who had worked on the project for six months, never kissed, and only one PR, and in the Seychelles this how Julia behaved in relation to “the coachman”, the reins ran it ,not he. Here and received. It unfairly gave her the victory in acting, although he defeated zaharias” – the audience wrote “House 2”.