Rum the Beast shot a video with her eldest daughter

Roman Bilyk, better known as Roma Zver, frontman of the band “the Animals“, shot a video for a new song. In the video, the musician is depicted with his nine-year-old daughter Olga. As it became known, the girl is very musical. She not only goes to music school and sings in the choir.

The video was posted on the page group in the social network. Roma in an interview said what prompted him to take the heiress in the video.

“I went to one of the reporting of concerts and then invited Ola to record a song to make her understand the whole process in the Studio as a whole. And it turned out that she recorded the song Too, you are my winds, veterochki, then we are already thinking about filming the video,” said Roma.
Shooting videoroliki father and daughter was postponed until the summer holidays, so the girl missed school. They had time to think about the location and details of the clip. The costume was made by the wife Roma Marina Queen. Turned out to be so-a family row.

“As planned, we had to show Northern nature, rocks, ocean. I think we have succeeded, despite the fact that the picture is still quite warm. The hardest part was to avoid cacti and palm trees in the frame so they were not given our southern location,” says Roma Beast.
The filming took only five days, or rather evenings. After installation when they chose a particularly beautiful sunset. The shooting lasted until late at night.
“Then I had the feeling that we stayed with my dad alone in the whole island. But the most memorable scene – the fire, because after filming we roasted the bread, and it tasted so good!” — recalls Olga.


Source: http://ivona.bigmir.net
Photo: http://vk.com

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