Rum the Beast has won court against the makers of the film “Prom”

In September of this year, a meeting of the Moscow arbitration court, which adopted the decision to reject the claim of the leader of group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk with the requirement of collecting 1.5 million rubles from OOO “Kinokompaniya “Lunapark” and LLC “Central partnership” for the illegal use of the song “southern night” in the trailer for the film “Prom”.

This decision was made because, according to the company, “the amusement Park, they had no relation to the creation of commercials, which actually was a song of the band “southern nights”.

Bilyk decided not to leave this business unpunished and filed an appeal, which, as it became known today, won.

“After a failed process, we complained to the second instance court, where they presented further evidence that the Roman Bilyk V. is the author of the song “southern nights”. And the ninth arbitration court of appeal decided that the defendants should pay to the author compensation in the amount of one million rubles for illegal use of songs in advertising, film,” — said in the message.


Source: gazeta.ru

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